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Property Appraisal/Division

Sometimes it is necessary to determine the value of an entire property. Accurate determination of value is important in estate planning, acquiring loans or simply wanting to know the value of a property.

Property appraisals include every valuable feature of a property. This may include timber, land, homes, row crop allotments and other improvements.
LMG offers complete appraisal services to meet these needs.

"...LMG has the experience and knowledge to determine an accurate and realistic value."
Whether it's timber or timberland, homes, farm land or commercial sites, LMG has the experience and knowledge to determine an accurate and realistic value. Also, for various reasons, property ownership may require a division among individuals. This often occurs in estate settlements or separation of interest for property owned in partnership.

LMG has been responsible for equitable division of many estates and partnerships over the years. Our experience in appraisal of all types of real property, along with our specially designed valuation process, enables us to offer a clear view of the division and allocation of the property to each interested party.




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